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Kody Bateman is the premier authority on relationship marketing in the world today. His trainings and systems have impacted over 700,000 users over the past 10 years.. In that time, Kody has conducted live relationship marketing and personal development training events around the world. He has trained hundreds of thousands of people on the concepts of “Finding and building the best version of you so you can give that away to the people you meet and serve”.

He starts his trainings by working on you, the individual. He begins with your subconscious mind where the “stories you put into your mind become the stories you live in your life”. With that concept he helps you create a personal development plan that helps you re-boot your mind into positivity. With that you can nourish the unique genius that is within every human being.

From there he continues to build on the concept that “what you send out in life” is what you get back”. So, send out the best version of you to other people. Always be in the mind-set of appreciation because “that which you appreciate….. appreciates”. Meaning it gets bigger and better.  Not only does he teach you how to do this in your personal life and your business, he also has daily tools and mechanisms you can use to do it… Those systems have transpired into the best personal development and relationship marketing tool in the world today.

His system is not only used by over 700,000 people, it has sent over 150 million greeting cards and 10 million gifts to peoples friends, customers, clients and family members all at the perfect time… No more birthdays forgotten, appreciation is shared when needed, even automated pre-set messages and gifts are sent over an extended period so businesses can stay in touch with their clients.

This activity has generated over 20 million referrals and $100s of millions of dollars in incremental business to his users.

Kody is the founder and CEO of an international relationship marketing company that utilizes the network marketing business model.  So in addition to customers using his services to enhance relationships, independent distributors use it to create lucrative income streams by sharing his amazing programs.

He offers countless free tips and trainings via online and social media streams and he offers life altering and business generating events around the world. 

Kody B

Creating bonds, trust and assurance is an art skill. It is something that takes practice, consistency and the true understanding of people and emotion.

When you take the time to build relationships, the typical aspects of marketing become simplified and genuine. You are creating an emotional one-on-one connection and a memorable experience. It becomes less about the sale and more about the satisfaction that comes from building relationships. That is where the real life riches are made, internally and externally.

To contact Kody, please email your request to info@kodybateman.com  

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