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How to Maintain and Build Clientele for Salon Success

Salon Success. Referral Marketing, Increase Salon Sales

Salon success takes an intense focus on money making activities!

Managing time on the right money making activities is crucial in fast growth for your Salon Success!

Would you like to earn extra money each month, with a simple, low effort product to build Salon Success?

It’s most effective to market to your current customers then to try and find new ones!  Not only is it most effective for referrals but it’s cheaper marketing.

A few great ways to increase sales and client retention for Salon success:

  • Holiday Gift Certificates (an inexpensive way is paper gift certificates)(add to inside of a card)
  • Send “we appreciate your business” cards and or postcards (bounce-back coupons inside)
  • Before and After pictures (with a bounce back coupon inside a card)(see video below)

The beauty of cards of appreciation, gift certificates and Before and After pictures is a small investment with a big bang for bigger bucks.

Watch this video to learn how a salon owner increased her sales, client retention for Salon Success, with a simple but high touch effective way of marketing…

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